Non-Profit Organizations

High-Value Commercial Cleaning in Washington DC

Our nation’s capital is full of non-profit organizations doing remarkable things for the community, the country, and the world. When every dollar earned could go toward doing good, you need a DC commercial cleaning service that offers your organization the most bang for your buck. Anago of Washington DC Franchisees deliver high value, with innovative and effective cleaning solutions at affordable rates customized to your organization’s priorities, schedule, and budget. They do an on-site walk-through with you during an initial consultation to help them assess what needs to be done and how often. You can rest assured you will receive all of the services you need without paying for any services you don’t want.

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Big or Small, They Clean Them All!

Whether your non-profit organization is based in an office building, a manufacturing facility, or an event venue, Anago of Washington DC Franchisees have the experience to cater to your cleaning needs. They can provide anything from daily after-hours maintenance to monthly floor care to one-time event cleanup. Our franchise owners are fully bonded and insured, and they’ve passed background checks. They specialize in green, eco-friendly cleaning solutions for maximum cleaning power without the harsh chemicals. When you call our franchise owners to clean your non-profit organization’s DC facilities, you’ll have access to an on-site communications log and a 24/7 client service and support line. They are committed to your satisfaction.

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